About Us

Meaningful Designs is a blog that takes as its starting point that we all have a design aesthetic and our homes are as funky, eclectic, minimalist and eccentric as we are. In a globalized world we all want to know more about home goods and accessories from different parts of the world, as well as about the designers and artisans who make these products in a sustainable way. Meaningful Designs brings all of this to our readers.

Meaningful Designs profiles the designers and artisans that make the home goods and accessories that we all would like to have in our homes. Authentic, often handmade products, that is meaningful to us in some way.

Placing emphasis on sustainability, recycling of materials, and creativity as a means of economic development and empowerment, Meaningful Designs is the place designers and home goods enthusiasts come to. We introduce you to the artisans from around the world who make the products we all fall in love with, keep you abreast of the latest trends in the home goods industry, and we offer tips and advice on making your home more like YOU want it to be.

Meaningful Designs is run by JACQUELINE BISHOP who is a designer and an award-winning photographer-painter-writer who lives and works in New York City. Her work exhibits widely in North America, Europe and North Africa. She is the author of the novel, The River’s Song, among other books.